Books written by Leonard Taylor, a resident of the Sierra/Huachuca area for over 30 years. These guides are a perfect companion on your exploration of the history and beauty of Southeastern Arizona. Available in the Sierra Vista area at Hastings, the Fort Huachuca Museum, USFS Coronado Ranger District office, Coronado National Memorial, San Pedro House, and The Nature Conservancy's Ramsey Canyon Preserve. Also at Tucson's Map & Flag Center.

Trails of the Huachucas

Trails of the HuachucasIf you're in the mood for a hike, this guide will point you in the right direction. Trails of the Huachucas replaces Hiker's Guide to the Huachuca Mountains, first published in 1990. This latest version includes changes to Brown Canyon Ranch access, info on June 2011's Monument Fire, and many other updates.

With clear route descriptions, interesting historical highlights, and all-new easy-to-read maps and elevation profiles, the guide covers over 130 miles of trails in the sky island commonly called Thunder Mountain. The book is 4.5" x 8" so it easily slips into a pocket. Saddle stitched, 116 pages. $14.95

Take a look at this sample page: Miller Canyon Trail. [Note: Miller Canyon suffered major flooding/debris flows following the Monument Fire.]

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Trail Map of the Huachucas

Trail Map of the HuachucasThe revised fifth edition of Trail Map of the Huachucas was published in 2012. An excellent way to locate trails, this full-color, 17 X 18 inch map is printed on heavy, UV-coated paper, making it durable and water-resistant. Covers all the trails that are in the new Trails of the Huachucas. Folding to 4.5 X 8.5 inches, the map shows trail names, numbers and mileage. For those who don't know, the Huachuca Mountains are a small, steep range just south of Sierra Vista, Arizona. The Miller Peak Wilderness Area is named for the 9,466 foot summit that crowns the breathtaking mountain. $4.75

Discover the San Pedro Valley

Discover the San Pedro ValleyThe San Pedro River, a small, meandering stream in the desert, has been the center of much of man's activity in the southeastern corner of Arizona. This book, published in 2000, describes all the places to go and things to do in the Valley surrounding the river. Tombstone, Bisbee, Fort Huachuca, and other historic towns are scattered across the desert, while the Huachuca, Mule, Dragoon, and Whetstone Mountains provide the background.

The place made famous by its abundance of hummingbirds, Ramsey Canyon, is here, plus world-class Kartchner Caverns State Park, not to mention the fragile beauty of the ribbon of water that is the BLM's San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. With easy-to-read maps and information on the best of the valley, this guide is indispensable to the first-time visitor. Local folks will also learn new things about the beautiful place they call home.

From well-presented and informative museums, to the obscure, out of the way places, this book tells it like it is. Or was. Did you know a foreign power used an airplane to drop bombs on Naco, Arizona? Would you believe mastadons used to roam the riverbanks? And can you imagine Spanish/Apache battles being waged here during the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Then there's the infamous "Shootout at the OK Corral." It all happened in the San Pedro Valley!

With historic photos and entertaining text, this 8.5 X 5.5 inch, 80-page plastic-spiral-bound book is both educational and easy-to-use. The back cover folds out to reveal a 9.25 X 7 inch map. If you're planning a visit to this fascinating part of Arizona, or would just like to learn more about it, this book is for you! $12.95